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When you think about it, ads are really nothing more than interruptions and intrusions. They disrupt your TV shows at the most critical moment and break up engrossing articles, sending you scavenging 20 pages deeper into a publication looking for its conclusion. satellite radio’s number one selling proposition is that it is “commercial free.”

So, if you are going to interrupt someone with your ad, you better make it worth their while. But since you have somewhere between .001 and .003 seconds before they change the channel, lose interest, and/or get distracted, you better make sure your ad does one of three things:

  1. Entertains them 
  2. Educates them 
  3. Sources an unknown technology that secretly accesses their credit card and direct deposits the cost of your ad budget into a Swiss bank account

In a nutshell, advertising needs to stop interrupting what people are interested in and become what people are interested in.

Our recipe for creating an impactful ad is as follows:

  • Take one part research and one part sound strategic approach and blend consistently with brand messaging before supporting with a smart, simple and focused creative execution.
  • Too many details and you over salt the ad.
  • Too much you and not enough them and the ad lacks flavor.
  • Ignore your prospects hot buttons and you’re serving mutton to a vegan…and nobody wants to see that.

Menu of Skoda Minotti's strategic advertising services:

  • Print 
  • Radio 
  • Trade show 
  • TV 
  • Web

Want to learn more about our strategic advertising services? Contact Jonathan Ebenstein and let him entertain you with what we’re cooking up.

Questions? Contact Jonathan Ebenstein and he'd be glad to help.

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