Our "recipe" for creating impactful advertising? It’s one part research and two parts sound strategic approach. Blend consistently with brand messaging and support with a smart, simple and focused creative execution. See what we’ve cooked up below.

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"Wanted" Ad

This ad's visual style was intended to stand apart from ads typically run in Visi-Trak's trade publication. The message focused on a trending issue within the industry.

Benefits Resource Group
"What Keeps You
Up at Night" Ad

BRG's ad targets business owners and HR professionals who are experiencing "sleepless nights" worrying about how they are going to solve all their company's employee benefit related issues.

Britton Gallagher "RiskVision" Ad

Using a unique visual style (i.e., night vision goggles), this ad calls out the concerns of unseen insurance risks to policy holders in the life science industry.

Skoda Minotti "Business Growth" Ad

Developed during the economic downturn, this ad shows a unique treatment of the firm's logo "growing" in a place where growth would appear unlikely...if not impossible.

Skoda Minotti
Belly Band

A first for the local business publication Smart Business-Cleveland. Skoda Minotti pitched and sold the idea of putting a "banded ad" across the belly of the publication to announce the firm's new brand, creating the first ever belly band advertisement for Smart Business and introducing a new revenue stream for the publication.