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Skoda Minotti

Known as "Skoda, Minotti & Co. Financial Services" after re-entering the private sector in 2001. We re-branded the firm with the goal of effectively communicating our identity as the symbol of a promise delivered with enthusiasm, innovation, teamwork, drive and commitment to our four core audiences: our clients, employees, business contacts and community.


Marvin & Company

Our goal with this branding initiative was to strategically leverage Marvin's 90-year history, while also positioning the firm as a forward thinking organization with the mission of positively impacting the futures of it clients, employees and community.


JET Inc.

Our extensive surveying of Jet's employees, distributors, industry experts and environmental regulators found Jet's brand promise to be rooted in their history as innovators in the wastewater treatment industry, as well as their ongoing commitment to the highest level of customer service. Jet is indeed a company founded on innovation and anchored by service.



As a company that had expanded regionally beyond Ohio, OAM needed a new corporate identity. Their new logo design removed the "Ohio Addressing Machine" from the company name and reiterates the company's value proposition of efficiency and profitability to its clients.


Singerman Mills

This branding effort promoted the dual meaning of "experience". At Singerman Mills – both their legal experience in a given area of expertise (i.e., commercial real Estate, Tax, Estate planning, etc.) as well as the unique experience that clients are treated to when working with the firm's attorneys (i.e., fair value, responsiveness, approachability, etc.).


Shapero & Green

This branding effort leveraged the feedback we received from our extensive interviews with Shapero & Green's, employees and external circles of influence. We then used the central theme from the research findings to forge their tag line and brand positioning which collectively showed Shapero & Green to be caring, results-driven attorneys.


CLS Facility Services

This logo modernization brought a 3-D element to the corporate mark while bringing the logo to life through animation on the company's new website.



Visi-Trak's rebranding efforts focused on creating a tagline that clearly communicated the benefit of increased profitability to their customers through the process enhancements of their technology products and solutions.


Machen McChesney

After interviewing all staff levels at Machen McChesney, we were able to help articulate the value proposition behind the firm's work. Returning Value is a play on words of the most commonly associated service that CPA firms provide - the tax return. But, more than just mere tax return providers, Machen McChesney is a complete CPA & business advisory firm. And, choosing to work with its professionals is an investment; clients will receive value in return.


PCX Corporation, LLC

PCX's branding efforts focused on adding an identity line and tagline. This was done to more clearly communicate the services provided to its customers, as well as the value proposition that PCX's work brings to every project - Delivering Predictive Profitability®.