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Delivering on the Promise of helping you strategically align your marketing initiatives throughout your entire organization.

You may not be exactly sure what a strategic integrated marketing communication plan is, but chances are you’ve deduced that it spawns somewhere off the same evolutionary branch as a marketing plan and that having one for your company is probably a good idea. The real question you are asking yourself is why should I hire Skoda Minotti, when I can just research it on Wikipedia and do it myself?

We get it. Why pay for a marketing professional’s talent? After all, anybody can write a strategic marketing plan. True. It’s also true that anyone can play the piano... crack your knuckles, sit down on the little bench and start banging on the keys. Even on your first try, beautiful music comes out, right?

Hey, you probably don’t do your own plumbing, elevator repair or Risk Management Assessments (by the way we have people that do that here), so why not spend your time doing what you do best, and turn to the pros for all the rest. (nice copy, eh?)

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