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Hi and thanks for investing your time with us. My name is Jonathan and I am the Partner in Charge of Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing. We've got a great group of talented people and I hope you will take a minute to visit everyone's page to learn more about how we can help connect your brand to your customers.

A Little About My Background

One of my favorite lines from a movie comes from Indiana Jones, when he responds to a comment about his age: "It's not the years honey, it's the mileage." I've logged a lot of marketing miles in my career, specializing in business-to-business marketing communications for 20+ years. During that time, I've developed a strong expertise in the areas of branding, strategic marketing planning, web site development, social media, public relations, and online/inbound marketing. I've partnered with companies selling direct to the OEM, the end user and through distribution channels, as well as with professional service firms (e.g., law, CPA, insurance and wealth management).

Thoughts on Branding

While I enjoy advising clients in all areas of marketing, for me it all starts with your brand. I believe that every marketing communication your organization puts out is a conduit to your company's brand. Whether that communication is on target or off, it creates an experience for your customers. Understanding The Benefits of a Strong Brand can make all the difference for your company.

Thoughts on Strategic Planning

To me, this is where the rubber meets the road. A strategic marketing plan needs to identify where an organization is, where it wants to go and how it will get there. It's more than a budget, a sales goal and a retreaded version of last year's plan. I believe in an approach that harnesses a company's own internal brain trust to create a strategic plan that will be on target and perfectly tailored to meet your company's marketing goals and objectives. I've implemented strategic marketing plans for many organizations and would enjoy the opportunity to help you determine the most strategic approach to your business and marketing efforts.

What You Can Expect

Our focus will be to connect your brand(s) to your customers through creative, strategic and results-driven marketing processes that will increase brand recognition, build customer loyalty and drive sales over the long-term.

Insights Articles

Clients I Work/Worked With

  • Arbor Rehabilitation
  • Ashland Chemical
  • Ashland Distribution
  • Aurum Wealth Management
  • Benefits Resource Group
  • Britton Gallagher & Associates
  • Clarus Partners (CPA Firm)
  • Cleveland Black Oxide
  • CLS Facility Services
  • EZPOLE Flag Poles
  • Goodyear Engineered Products
  • Hartland & Co.
  • JET Waste Water Treatment
  • Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies
  • Marvin & Company, P.C.
  • Mazzella Lifting Technologies
  • Ohio Addressing Machine (OAM)
  • Parker Hannifin
  • PCX Inc.
  • Roll-Kraft
  • Sedlak Consulting
  • Singerman, Mills, Desberg & Kauntz, LLC
  • Skoda Minotti
  • Tucker Ellis & West LLC
  • Visi-Trak

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