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Delivering on the Promise of a social media marketing plan that will deliver results.

Sure, you’ve heard it before, social media “isn’t just for college kids anymore.” It seems that just about everyone, regardless of age, is communicating using some form of social media. But, the question remains: “How can social media help me grow my business?” 

Well, you can check out our marketing blog for one example of how a viral social media campaign propelled a low-budget movie’s “buzz factor” off the charts.

Now you’re probably saying, “Ok, I see how this can work, but I don’t make movies. How can social media help my business?”

Glad you asked.

  • Blogs – Have your team start a blog where they address frequently asked questions regarding your company’s product and timely industry issues. Soon enough, you’ll see your company’s blog climb up the search engine results for important industry keywords. This strategy, when used correctly, can help with your SEO, (which, by the way, is something our marketing professionals can help you with, too.)
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  • Twitter – Create an account for your company and “tweet” relevant links to industry articles or your own blogs. This will soon become an easy-to-use resource for your “followers” who may even decide to pass along your advice to their own followers.
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  • Facebook - There are somewhere over 500 million active users on Facebook. Give your company a chance to connect with some of those users. Create a company Facebook profile to give your company a corporate personality and a place for users to interact with relevant information, invitations and photos of your news, products and events. And, use Facebook's vast database of user information to place targeted advertisements for very specific Facebook users.
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  • LinkedIn – Have your employees create their own LinkedIn pages. This will enable them to reconnect with past colleagues and college classmates. These rediscovered contacts may be in the market for your products or services or know others that are, as well. Use LinkedIn advertisements to target and connect with a large audience of active and influential web users. Target specific users by specifying the job titles, industries, ages that fit into your target audience. 
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The above ideas are just a starting point. The approach to social media is no different than traditional marketing tactics. In other words, a successful social media campaign requires that you take a strategic marketing planning approach when developing your organization’s social media plan.

Our social media professionals have experience working with clients of varying industries to develop an overall social media marketing plan that fits an organization’s online goals and objectives. Once a social media plan is finalized, we can work with your employees individually or in groups to ensure that everyone within the organization has the necessary skills and direction to make your social media campaign a success.

So, rather than hanging around a local college dining hall trying to figure out what it means to be “re-tweeted,” let the professionals in our social media agency utilize our experience to set you and your business on the right track to social media success.

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