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Marvin and Company, a New York CPA firm,
was nearing its 90th anniversary and felt it
was time for a brand refresh.


Listening to the company’s vision and strategies for the future, Skoda Minotti conducted a series of brand specific interviews with Marvin and Company's employees. Our process determined the desire for Marvin and Company to strategically leverage its 90-year history, while at the same time position the firm as a forward thinking organization with the mission of positively impacting the futures of it clients, employees and community.

As part of the branding deliverable, Skoda Minotti designed and developed an identity package that included a new, modernized logo and tag line – “A History of Shaping Futures”.  By juxtaposing “shaping futures” with “history”, Marvin and Company is looking forward for its target audiences while leveraging the successes of the firm’s past.

History” intimates past success with clients, employees, the community, etc.

Shaping futures” is flexible enough to work across all intended target audiences:

  • A History of Shaping the Futures of Entrepreneurs 
  • A History of Shaping the Futures of Non-Profit Organizations
  • A History of Shaping the Futures of its Employees
  • A History of Shaping the Future of the Community


The new tagline immediately differentiates Marvin and Company from many of its closest competitors that are first generation firms, thus lacking the history of stability that Marvin offers. In addition, the “Shaping Futures” aspect of the tagline speaks not only to potential clients, but serves as a strong retention and recruitment message to the firm’s current and future employees who are looking to Marvin as a place to grow their careers.

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