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Delivering on the Promise of finding the right medium for your message.

With a value estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars, the Mona Lisa is the world's most expensive painting.  If you bought it last week (humor us) and wanted to display it for everyone who visited to see, would you:

A. Put it in the garage next to the oil rags?

B. Put it in a vault?

C. Hang it on a safe, (far away from children), highly visible wall?

D. I hate art.  Couldn’t you guys have used a sports metaphor?

Assuming we lived in a crime free world, where Murphy’s Law did not exist, clearly the answer is C. 

So, what does this have to do with media buying and planning?  If you are going to spend the time, money and effort to create an effective ad campaign, your target audience must see it, hear it, or read it.  If it’s not placed in the right medium, at the right time, your target audience won’t get it. 

We believe that the overall success of any advertising campaign depends on the accuracy of your media planning.  We focus on allocating your media investments, so that they amplify your overall branding goals and strategic marketing communications objectives.

Once a plan is secured and agreed upon, we’ll lock in superior buy rates, placements and added value.  And, our commitment does not stop there.  After the buy, we can provide a comprehensive media stewardship program comprised of a media audit of your competitors, post-buy analysis and invoice verification.

And, for the die hard sports fans that answered D, this metaphor still works if you replace the Mona Lisa with a 1909 Honus Wagner Baseball card (approximate worth $2.35 Million dollars).

Media Buying and Planning Services:

  • Competitive media spend analysis & reporting
  • Market & demographic analysis
  • Media consultation
  • Media negotiation, buying and placement
  • Media post-buy analysis and audits
  • Media research & planning

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