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Delivering on the Promise of a mobile solution that provides easy access to information about you that your customers need to know on the go.

Have you ever tried to visit one of your favorite websites on your smartphone, but found it impossibly hard to navigate on the small screen and with touch-screen controls? Most of us have been there. Unfortunately, unless your website is optimized for mobile, your customers have had the very same experience on your website.

In addition, if you are considering the use of mobile barcodes like QR codes, you won’t get much bang for your marketing buck without the use of a mobile optimized landing page.

When a customer visits your website on a smartphone, they are probably in a rush and need information quick. Don’t make them perform finger gymnastics just to find your phone number. We can help you design a site that makes mobile interactions for you and your customers a snap.

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Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing Services: A HubSpot Certified Partner Agency

Looking to take your online marketing to the next level? Let us show you how the most complete inbound marketing software can meet all of your online marketing needs in one place. With HubSpot, you can:


  • Create blog posts to attract visitors through search and landing pages to turn visitors into leads.
  • Optimize your efforts for a list of targeted search keywords and ensure optimization of existing webpages.
  • Promote your content via email blasts and social media posts.
  • Convert visitors to your site into leads with advanced website tracking that allows you to identify the companies visiting your website.
  • Track how each of your leads arrived at your site and calculate an ROI for each online marketing tactic that you employ.

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