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B2B Branding Case Study


Singerman, Mills, Desberg & Kauntz (SMDK), a Cleveland based law firm, was looking to clarify its vision, marketing strategies, goals, values, needs and perceptions of and for the firm in an effort to communicate a single and consistent core message to its clients, business contacts and perspective employees.


Understanding that it takes a village to build a brand, Skoda Minotti met with each member of the firm, from managing partner to receptionist to secure their insights.  This approach not only furnished a complete internal picture from all perspective levels of the firm, but also built trust and morale among the entire SMDK staff and provided each employee brand ownership, which eased the buy-in process.

In addition to the internal analysis, our efforts included interviews with external individuals who had direct experience with and significant insight about the firm.  Specifically, we spoke to clients, business contacts, former clients, legal/industry leaders and vendors/suppliers to SMDK in the Cleveland market to gain their perspective of the firm’s reputation and brand promise.


Our research and analysis found experience and expertise to be reoccurring themes throughout the interviews process.  It was seen as a strength, a differentiator, a core value, a goal to be maintained, an opportunity to build on and a competitive advantage.  In every interview we did, internally and externally, everyone talked in some manner or form about the firm’s experience and expertise.

Positioning Platform:

The true measure of any business you work for or with is the experience you have along the way.  If you want to experience approachable, responsive, affordable, intelligent lawyers that are always working with your best interest in mind – experience Singerman Mills.

Positioning Line:

Experience Singerman Mills


  • The word experience carries two meanings:
    • Providing a positive experience: (i.e., Experience fair value, Experience responsiveness, Experience integrity, etc.)
    • Leveraging the firm’s/attorney’s experience in a given area of expertise: (i.e., Commercial Real Estate Experience, Commercial Lending Experience, Tax Experience, Estate Planning Experience, etc.)
    • The line is flexible enough to work across all intended target audiences (i.e., clients, prospective clients, business contacts, employees and the community). 
    • It is customizable to fit every individuals needs within these groups.
    • It is a great conversation starter when introducing their firm/attorneys to new people.
    • Experience is something that SMDK had already obtained and was leveraging everyday on all levels to all of its clients and business contacts.
    • It helps to ensure success, as they are providing an experience for everyone who comes into contact with the firm - make it a positive one.

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