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Delivering on the Promise of defining business goals, identifying gaps, and developing fact-based solutions that result in measurable performance improvement for B2B and industrial companies.

A yearly marketing plan is a necessary exercise to set your business on course to meet its goals and objectives for the short term. However, only planning on a yearly basis often misses the BIG picture. Where is your business headed over the next two, three, four or five years? We can help your business plan for   both the short- and the long-term with our market planning services and strategic business planning services.

Our market planning services are typically conducted on an annual basis: 

  • Evaluating the situation (market intelligence)
  • Developing objectives, strategy and program recommendations
  • Documenting the finances required
  • Creating metrics and control elements
  • Conducting a follow up evaluations on suggested strategies

Our strategic business planning services offer a long-term view of the business over the next two to five years. This includes an introspective look at the business as well as an outside-in look. We then work with you to identify and implement strategic marketing and sales options that fit your business for the long-term.

Looking for more information on strategic marketing planning services? Contact Jonathan Ebenstein today. 

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