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Delivering on the Promise to give your brand a whole new dimension.

Okay, you have put much time, effort and resources into creating a brand identity, so let’s put it out there for everyone to see. The Visual Marketing and Branding Group at Skoda Minotti specializes in delivering your message in unique, visible and dimensional ways. Whether you need to communicate your brand through a retail store, visitor showroom, corporate lobby, trade show display, or even a museum gallery – we have the resources to help.

Our Visual Marketing and Environmental Branding services include:

Concept, Design and Planning

Brand Building: We can help you develop a clear and meaningful brand language that delivers your company’s core values, mission and vision through unique visual elements. Our implementation strategies go beyond logo design, websites and sales collateral – we transform physical space into an extension of your brand message.

Design & Planning: We provide design and planning services for companies and institutions that rely heavily on their physical space to communicate their brand language – typically retail stores, corporate and institutional interpretive displays, museum exhibits and more.

Electronic Media Design & Planning: Utilizing today’s technology, we integrate dynamic and interactive digital media solutions that enhance the experience while impacting program effectiveness. Creative use of websites, iPad applications and touch screen monitors adds new depth to the customer/visitor experience and corporate selling strategies alike.

Production Services

Custom Signage & Fixtures: Relying on a stable of trusted manufacturers, we provide quality signs and fixtures as specified through our design and planning process. This gives us the control to ensure quality of materials and processes used for our clients retail stores, corporate displays, museum exhibits and trade show displays. 

Graphics Production: We have the experience and resources to produce signage and environmental graphics in support of designed projects. As graphics can be the most visible component of any project, the accurate integration of graphics into any branding program is especially important.

Quality Control Management: Our ability to provide quality control gives clients the peace of mind knowing that the various elements of their project will come together seamlessly upon installation. Often times there are many different manufacturing and print production processes that must come together to yield one cohesive result.

Project/Program Management Services

Field Services: We provide extensive field services, utilizing both internal and external resources. Quality site reviews, site surveys and installation services ensure that signage, fixtures and environmental graphics properly integrate into our client’s retail space or trade show exhibition.

Field Management: Our field management services ensure that all materials and labor are coordinated on the project site and integrate with other contractors and the overall project timeline.

Event Planning & Management: We provide total project management for corporate events and trade shows. We offer show/site selection, event planning and promotion, on-site set up and dismantle services and logistics.

Looking for more information on visual marketing services, environmental branding or retail branding services? Click here to download our free e-book on Trade Show Marketing Strategy and contact John Kallmeyer today.

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