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Skoda Minotti originally was formed as primarily an accounting and tax firm. The founders of the firm quickly realized, however, that their clients often needed business services beyond accounting and tax to effectively grow their businesses. What they were looking for was a trusted advisor that they could rely on to steer them in the right direction.

As the firm built up an internal expertise in various niche areas, it began to offer these services to clients. Niches such as information technology, telecom and professional staffing quickly grew and expanded.

In 2007, after seeing the launch of the firm's new brand and marketing materials, many clients began to inquire about marketing services as well. And thus, Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing was born.

So what sets us apart from other marketing firms in the area?

  • Partners for the long-term. We practice a strategic approach to problem solving. If you're just looking for a one-off postcard or sell sheet, there are plenty of other firms that can do a perfectly fine job for you. We want to understand your business and determine what strategies really make the most sense for you before jumping headfirst into tactics.
  • We ask the tough questions. When you sit down for your first meeting with us, we'll make you think about your business in different ways than you have in the past. These are the questions that other firms should be asking.. but aren't.
  • Full business advisory firm. When you partner with Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing, you're not only getting a marketing partner, but a true business advisor partner. We'd bet that other marketing firms couldn't tell you about the benefits you could achieve from a cost segregation study. We've got a guy for that. And now, you do too.

Want to learn more about our strategic approach to marketing problem solving? Click below to receive one of our free reports or fill out our Lunch on Us form and we can sit down to start asking the tough questions about your business.

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